Cycle of change

How we talk about menopause has to change. We created Cycle of Change: Understanding Menopause, a short film to empower women and share real-life experiences from all stages of the menopause transition.

Menopause will affect half of the population, though so many of us are unprepared and don’t know what to expect, it’s not just hot flushes! Menopause can indirectly affect the other half of the population too: partners, family, friends and colleagues.

We hope this film will help you to spot the signs of menopause when it begins and give you the chance to emotionally prepare and find support if needed. There are short edits for social media and subtitled versions of the film on our films page, You can listens to people’s experiences on our Interviews page and see the results from our survey here.

While making the film, we collected a number of useful books, podcasts and links to support, these can be found here. The film and content on this website are free resource to share or embed on any other website. Download the Cycle of Change share pack, and for more information or get in touch.

Please share your feedback on the film using this survey.

Menopause affects everyone not ‘just’ the 50% of the world’s population that will personally experience it